le carrousel des lances


Alongside the competitions, the Republican Guard will accompany the 2024 edition of Le Printemps des Sports Équestres.

On Saturday April 27 and Sunday April 28, on the Carrière des Princes, come and see an exceptional show put on by the Guard Republican's Carrousel des Lances, accompanied by its brass band.

The entire equestrian tradition is brought together in a show featuring thirty-six horses, created especially for the occasion !


Saturday, April 27th - 7.15pm* | Carrière des Princes

Sunday April 28th - 1.15pm* | Carrière des Princes

*Schedules subject to change.

"For Le Printemps des Sports Équestres, I have created a highly rhythmic and visually innovative performance",

Chief Warrant Officer Dixmier, Technical Director of the Carousel

MILITARY SPLENDOUR - a proud heritage


In 1803, the Republican Guard was assigned by Napoleon

Bonaparte to protect the State, its institutions and the city of Paris. It is the living embodiment of an invaluable heritage, that of equitation in the French tradition, incorporated into UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage for Humanity since 2011.

The Republican Guards have been performing the Carousel since the inter-war period, regularly comes together to perform at events in France and abroad.

"Each performance is a combination of the rigour of wartime formations, the panache of ceremonial duties and festive creativity."

Chief Warrant Officer Dixmier, Technical Director of the Carousel

Guiding their horses with just their left hand and holding their lances, a symbol of military heritage, in their right, the Republican Guard riders have to be extra precise to successfully carry out this unique and meticulously orchestrated performance.


Chief Warrant Officer Dixmier’s choreography is magnified by the music of Trumpet-Major Laurent Soret from the cavalry’s brass band, which is perfectly in tune with the horses. The Republican Guard’s brass band always appears alongside the Carrousel quadrilles and adapts its music to each new performance to follow the horses’ movements and gait changes in the arena.

"Together, we embody French military

traditions and everything has to be perfect."

Trumpet-Major Laurent Soret

Trumpets, kettledrums, dazzling brass, all the cavalry instruments that usually lead out the regiment for the Bastille Day procession on 14th July, will be in the Carrière des Princes to accompany the Carousel and leave their solemn mark on this highlight of the weekend in Fontainebleau.


VILLAGE découvertes

Looking for fresh air? 

Five (good) reasons to discover the Printemps des Sports Equestres in Fontainebleau this weekend.

Four more days to indulge your passion for horses and riding - that's the promise of the Printemps des Sports Equestres, running until Sunday on the Grand Parquet de Fontainebleau. Alongside the (very) high-level competitions, which run continuously throughout the days, the event offers a wide range of activities, up close and personal with the animals, in nature and in the great outdoors. 

Free admission

Discover horses with an Olympic champion!

The Espace Equestre Henson-Pays de Fontainebleau, initiated by Olympic champion Roger-Yves Bost and his wife Cyrille, offers rides to discover the riches of the Fontainebleau forest, as well as those of a little-known breed of Picardy horse with a big heart and sure feet: the Henson. During the Printemps des Sports Equestres, visitors can take part in several workshops with these horses.

Alternatively, École Militaire d'Équitation de Fontainebleau (Fontainebleau Military Riding School) offers youngsters a gentle introduction to riding these “big ponies” on rides around the Terrain d'Honneur.

Run “your” Grand Prix on the Terrain d'honneur, that's fun too!

The weekend's competitions take place on the Carrière des Princes and the Petit Parquet. However, the grassy Terrain d'Honneur at the Grand Parquet de Fontainebleau also plays host to its champions, who compete on... stick horses! An eight-obstacle course separates the best from the rest... just for fun!

A mini-farm just outside Paris

Marino and his animals occasionally feature in major film productions. Perhaps you've seen them in films such as “Le renard et l'enfant” (Luc Jacquet), “Les saisons” (Jacques Perrin) or “Pas si sauvage” (Jackie Bastide)? These movie stars await the youngest visitors (and their parents) in their mini-farm, set up next to the Village Découvertes.

Marino is also taking the opportunity to present the refuge where she takes in farm and forest animals from difficult backgrounds. Around 150 animals of some 30 different species benefit from the daily care of the team based in the Bouches-du-Rhône region of France.

A breath of fresh air in the horse capital!

Fontainebleau's love affair with horses goes back centuries. In the heart of the Pays de Fontainebleau, which was awarded the “Land of Games” label in 2019, an entire region has lived to the rhythm of horses since the Renaissance. The 22-hectare forest of Fontainebleau is home to some twenty equestrian facilities offering a wide range of tourism, sports and leisure activities. The Grand Parquet is Europe's largest open-air equestrian stadium, a place of exceptional fauna and flora, a land where the greatest equestrian stories have been written, a privileged site like few others in France or Europe.

In between activities, take a break at the exhibitors' square for a bite to eat or a shopping spree! 




→ All day Wednesday April 24 and Thursday April 25


"Optimiser ses performances équestres", préparer son cheval, préparer le cavalier pour optimiser leurs performances le tout en trois ouvrages.

→ Wednesday afternoon, April 24


“Dans la tête d'un cheval."

→ Saturday April 27 from 11am and Sunday April 28 all day

Beatrix LOT

puts words into images in the TV series “Au galop à cheval” .

→ Sunday April 28 all day

Patrice GUERITOT  

“Cavalcades”, a beautiful photo book of free-roaming horses

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